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"The human being loves, and nothing more, do not ask who or why"

- Chavela Vargas

Cultural events

To become a cultural reference space where, from the house that the artist Chavela Vargas lived in, encounters flourish for creation, reflection, dissemination, exchange of knowledge and experiences between artists, creatives and agents from various disciplines to generate active participation with the community of Tepoztlán.

“When the world trembles, when it cries, when it seems like it is going to fall, we singers and artists come to support it”

- Chavela Vargas

La Canasta

In Vera Pedro's residence, the "La Canasta" Ecotourism Site was rehabilitated.

There is a beautiful fountain adorned with dozens of pre-Hispanic faces and figures from all the cultures of Mesoamerica.

The Atongo River flows in this place and is surrounded by ancient trees that provide great freshness; Without a doubt it is a place that gives us peace and tranquility. The place is ideal for a picnic.

It is located at the end of Zaragoza Street (to the East) behind the Municipal Pantheon. In the rainy season you can see the river, although it is not recommended to go in because the houses located on the banks dump their waste into it.

The concert sought to re-activate this space and promote awareness of keeping it clean, constantly carrying out cleaning campaigns with society groups and the City Council to paint, clean, place swings, activate the fountain and give life to the space.

On February 14, a Vera Pedro concert was held along with photos of Chavela Vargas that Tlani Ortega took years ago in this space.

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